Merchant Services

Merchant service processing is at the core of our brand. We have years of experience taking care of merchants credit card accounts. Your processing needs are specific to your business and workflow.  Whether you have a brick and mortar location, only receive payment information over the phone, are out in the field, run an eCommerce site, or accept credit card payments in a combination of these ways, we will craft the solution which makes the most sense for you and your business.

Contact Us when you have questions.  Our Platinum Relations consultant will be happy to discuss the details with you.

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High Risk Merchant Service Division

Platinum Relations offers Merchant Service's to industries that can have a hard time finding dependable and affordable credit card services. We specialize in giving you high performance and reliably fast transaction processing. We make it easy to receive payments with our integrated services complete with security and privacy features you depend on. We can establish a virtual terminal and give you access to a global marketplace.

If you are in a high risk business and having trouble finding a dependable merchant service provider please contact us today.

Some of the industries we provide merchant services for:

Gift and Loyalty Program

Gift and loyalty card programs build your bottom line through deepening and strengthening your relationship with your customers.    

When you make gifting your products and services easy, you encourage repeat business.  When you reward your customers for their loyalty, you earn a lifetime of business.    

A well-crafted loyalty card program brings your customers back again and again.  A thoughtfully designed gift card program gets your new products launched faster, makes a regular shopping trip a special occasion and provides incentive to spend more.

We’re very selective about the gift and loyalty card programs we represent.  It’s about your relationships and your bottom line.

Our program providers include:

  • GETI

  • Valuetec

Connect with your Platinum Relations Consultant to request more detailed information, or, to design your Gift Card or Loyalty Rewards Card program.

Payroll Services

Payroll City is Platinum Relations' primary provider in ths category.

Payroll City performs all the payroll calculations and provides clients with complete payroll information in clear, concise, easy-to-read reports. Tax payments are deposited in a timely manner, New Hires are reported, and all federal and state quarterly tax returns are filed. Simply report the hours, and let Payroll City do the rest! 

Payroll City’s Full Service Payroll Processing

All payroll calculations including accruals

Payroll City automatically calculates payroll taxes, garnishments, special deductions.  We also calculate and track accruals such as PTO, vacation, sick as well as matching 401K  dollars.

All state and federal payroll tax deposits

Payroll City administers all tax filings as required by state and federal agencies and provides you with reports of quarterly and annual filings. We also support local filings and new hire reporting. We keep you in compliance and eliminate penalties due to mistakes or late filings.  We respond to payroll related government tax inquiries taking all the worries off of you.

Powerful technology handles complexity

Have a complicated payroll? With Payroll City, you can write formulas, set up multiple departments, track job costs, process certified payrolls, and much more!  We’ll streamline your whole payroll process by interfacing with most any related HR or accounting software. Our service is truly full-service.

Flexible reports in the format you need

We summarize all your payroll information into one easy-to-read report and accompany it with full details. No more sifting through hundreds of pages.


Reconciliation is easy with reports provided in whatever format you choose, including PDF, MS Excel, XML, tab delimited, CSV, and more.

Payroll delivered on time, every time.

Check Conversion


As a business owner, you are likely presented with checks for payment from customers with whom you don’t have an existing relationship.

You may also be seeking to streamline your check payment processing, or, are looking for secure ways to accept checks through your website.

Platinum Relations offers solutions which include:

  • Point of Sale Check Conversion

  • Check Guarantee

  • ACH Debit

  • Check 21

  • Checks By Phone

  • Checks By Web

The two most utilized programs are Conversion and Guarantee.

Through Check Conversion, the maker of the check, and their checking account, are compared against a database of those with known payment issues.

If you choose Check Guarantee, you will enjoy a robust safety net.  Should a check processed through a Check Guarantee program be returned for insufficient funds, or for other non-pay reasons, the program provider will actually credit those funds back to you, the merchant, and take over the responsibility for collecting payment from the maker.

Whatever your needs or questions about Check/ACH processing, we are here to help you and to design the best, most elegant solution for moving you forward.

If you have questions and you are a current Platinum Relations Client, please reach out to your Platinum Relations Consultant.

Contact Us if you would like more information and detail, or, to set up your Check/ACH processing system.

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Merchant Cash Advance

We maintain relationships with both AmeriMerchant and AdvanceMe.  Your Consultant will discuss your needs with you and determine which of the various programs would be best for your situation.



Can your business use working capital?

AmeriMerchant can provide your business between $5,000 - $500,0000 in capital against its future credit card sales through our AmeriMerchant Traditional Merchant Cash Advance Program which is a fast and easy alternative to a traditional small business loan.

Need funds in a hurry?

AmeriMerchant can typically provide funds in 7 days or less.

Concerned about your credit?

No problem. AmeriMerchant has a very high approval rate. 

Since 2002, AmeriMerchant has deployed hundreds of millions of dollars to all types of businesses through our AmeriMerchant Traditional Merchant Cash Advance Program.

AmeriMerchant Traditional Merchant Cash Advance Program Requirements

You must process at least $5,000/month in credit cards from your customers for at least 60 days.

You must process credit cards at least 12 days out of each month.



What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

Sometimes referred to as "credit card receivable funding" or "credit card factoring," a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) is the purchase of future credit and debit card receipts.

Your business sells a fixed dollar amount of its future credit and debit card sales at a discount. Once approved, you'll receive a lump sum of the working capital as the purchase price.  Then you're all set to use this money for any business need.  It's not a loan--it's a smart way for businesses like yours to get the funds you need.

The good news:  No personal collateral is required.  Qualification is primarily based on the strength of the business. And that means things like a business owner's poor personal credit history is not an automatic disqualifier for an MCA from AdvanceMe.  Compare that to other lenders and financing sources. Plus, we can get the money in your hands in as few as 5 days with very little paperwork.

Best of all, it's a very cash flow friendly solution for your business. AdvanceMe gets paid when your business gets paid. It's that simple.

Charitable Funding

Platinum Relations is committed to sewing and strengthening the fabric of our communities through the creation of a cycle of sustainable giving.  We bring merchants and charitable organizations together to go forward, arms locked, side by side, making the world a much better place for those in need and those who meet those needs.

Connecting merchants and charitable organizations is Platinum Relations’ way of bringing two vital groups of servant leaders together to make significant impacts in our communities. We facilitate philanthropic programs which allocate a portion of  

merchant fees which were previously directed to large investor groups, for profit, rather than to support our communities.


When you select Platinum Relations as your merchant services agent and advocate, you’ll help support charitable organizations.  A percent of your processing fees will go directly to charitable organizations every month.

Let’s move forward together, arms locked, side by side, making the world a much better place for those in need, and for those who meet those needs.

Start the cycle of sustainable giving today.

Yours in service,


The Platinum Relations Team