Platinum Relations works with a who's who of clients across the state of Colorado and the nation. This is just a sampling of the type of companies we work with. 


“It is - without a doubt - a privilege to work with someone who provides as much dedication, professionalism, and knowledge as my Platinum Relations consultant has shown in the time we have been working together. He has the ability to foster growth in both the organization, and the individuals he works with. He also possesses the dynamic ability to relate to people, get excellent business results, and build strong, lasting relationships. It is a pleasure to work with Platinum Relations.”

- S. Duggal

Testimonials continued
“Platinum Relations helped me work through the changes in our credit card processing merchant services. My Consultant is a hands-on and make-it work for you type of person...not some nameless telephone techie. Very personal service!”
- T. Moore
“Platinum Relations are true professionals and experts. They are armed with a calming demeanor and ready to lend a hand in any way. My Consultant’s extensive experience and his knowledge of the merchant services processes and personnel, instantly made him a very valuable resource.”
- M. Pilon
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