Colorado Springs Conservatory

THE MISSION of the Colorado Springs Conservatory is to inspire, motivate, and challenge all students to aspire to their highest potential as artists and as human beings through arts immersion studies and community arts advocacy.

From opera to jazz, chamber music to musical theater, serious drama to edgy improv, CSC offers curricula and programming for students seeking rigorous preparatory studies as a prerequisite to attendingprestigious colleges and universities, and pursuing careers in the arts deserving an arts enrichment experience and the opportunity to build life skills including self-confidence, collaboration, poise, time management and a more holistic world view.

Experience and Discover...

... first-hand the spirit of giving through community arts advocacy learning in an environment without being judged, redefined or held-back growing under the mentorship of nationally-acclaimed and credentialed faculty – all with the gift of teaching, a deep passion for the arts, and an abiding commitment to each Conservatory student the multi-dimensional world of public performance.

CSC annually serves over 750 students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds and skill levels. After school and partner programs, master classes, summer camps, and intensive workshops offer extraordinary enrichment opportunities.

From Neighborhoods to the National Stage...

...the Colorado Springs Conservatory has the distinct privilege of collaborating with internationally acclaimed Central City Opera to offer an unparalleled summer arts immersion experience for select students from across the country, ages 14-19. The program is designed to pass along the traditions of the most extreme and beautiful art form — opera — and preserve the legacy of Central City Opera…the nation’s fifth oldest opera company whose stage has been graced by Beverly Sills, Jerome Hines and Helen Hayes, and is now generously shared with the students of  The Colorado Springs Conservatory.
And Beyond the Walls and Halls of CSC student academic performance is improved 100% of graduates attend institutions of higher learning students have gone on to Broadway and Off-Broadway, received  Tony Awards, joined national touring companies and other arts organizations, and excelled in other professions such as medicine, science and the humanities.

Making Our Mark in the Community

In addition to enriching the lives of CSC students, the Conservatory contributes extensively by offering enlightened and inspired programming to thousands. Through music appreciation workshops, Jazz Nites, student and faculty performances, and community outreach, CSC is truly a hub of cultural activity.
Why? Because We Believe that…

  • Every child has the potential to contribute to the world in a most meaningful and positive way
  • Every child deserves the opportunity to explore their potential in an environment that embraces individuality, creativity, and mutual respect
  • Children given this opportunity have a remarkably enhanced chance to grow up to be productive, contributing, passionate global citizens
  • There is urgency throughout the world to introduce children to excellence and teach them to strive for it
  • If the bar is held high enough, children will develop the strength and determination to meet those standards because they believe they can
  • The Colorado Springs Conservatory (CSC) is one of the very few places for children to explore their interests without being judged, held back or redefined.


  • CSC is the region’s only performing arts conservatory
  • We immerse students in an arts program that instills respect for the past and fosters astute observation of the present
  • We balance disciplined studies with freedom to learn new skill sets
  • Students benefit from their personal contribution and the joy of collaboration
  • The faculty is comprised of more than 25 exceptional instructors with pedigrees from the nation’s leading colleges and universities and as many at 15 visiting guest instructors, themselves performing artists from across the nation
  • Students are helped to define their commitment to the arts as a vehicle to broaden understanding of themselves and the world around them

Awards & Recognition

Since 1994, The Colorado Springs Conservatory has provided a motivational venue for youth of all ages and abilities to discover and engage in the performing arts.

  • 2011 Diversity Award
  • El Pomar Award of Excellence
  • Best of “Gazette”
  • Best of “Independent”

Our Goal

CSC promotes a respect for the humanities by discipline of mind and spirit, a joyful affirmation of life, and a passionate commitment to an idea. CSC is committed to integrating this philosophy within the community by engaging all students in advocacy and leadership activities. By connecting students to the great traditions of the past, CSC gives them the keys that will unlock their future.

Our Philosophy

Students of The Colorado Springs Conservatory are encouraged to challenge their approach to learning and incorporate their commitment to the arts as a vehicle to broaden understanding of themselves and the world around them. The staff, faculty and board support the pursuit of responsible risks and the freedom to question, create, search and struggle productively. We ask that each and every student explore arts history so as to better understand the human element. It is through this quest that one graduates from the CSC program a vital, confident, intelligent, creative and talented, contributing citizen who will in turn provide these very opportunities to the youth that follow.