Our Partners

Our Service Partners

Platinum Relations’ Service Partners are strategic allies. We have gathered together a team of capability-expanding resource providers for the benefit of our clients.

We recognize that card processing can present unwelcome complexities when what you want most is for your processing systems to work, work well, and above all, be reliable and serviceable.

Your Platinum Relations Consultant works in concert with our partner network to design and implement optimum solutions for your workflow. When you need support, your Consultant, backed by our service partners, is available for you at any time.

Our Community Partners

A closely knit community thrives when its centers of commerce become hubs of social and economic activity.

Our Community Partners include philanthropic foundations, locally based financial institutions and chambers of commerce. These organizations have undertaken to become a part of the fabric of the communities in which they operate. Like Platinum Relations, this gives them a vested interest in the social and economic health and prosperity of their cities and towns.

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