Payroll Services

Payroll City is Platinum Relations' primary provider in ths category.

Payroll City performs all the payroll calculations and provides clients with complete payroll information in clear, concise, easy-to-read reports. Tax payments are deposited in a timely manner, New Hires are reported, and all federal and state quarterly tax returns are filed. Simply report the hours, and let Payroll City do the rest! 

Payroll City’s Full Service Payroll Processing

All payroll calculations including accruals

Payroll City automatically calculates payroll taxes, garnishments, special deductions.  We also calculate and track accruals such as PTO, vacation, sick as well as matching 401K  dollars.

All state and federal payroll tax deposits

Payroll City administers all tax filings as required by state and federal agencies and provides you with reports of quarterly and annual filings. We also support local filings and new hire reporting. We keep you in compliance and eliminate penalties due to mistakes or late filings.  We respond to payroll related government tax inquiries taking all the worries off of you.

Powerful technology handles complexity

Have a complicated payroll? With Payroll City, you can write formulas, set up multiple departments, track job costs, process certified payrolls, and much more!  We’ll streamline your whole payroll process by interfacing with most any related HR or accounting software. Our service is truly full-service.

Flexible reports in the format you need

We summarize all your payroll information into one easy-to-read report and accompany it with full details. No more sifting through hundreds of pages. Reconciliation is easy with reports provided in whatever format you choose, including PDF, MS Excel, XML, tab delimited, CSV, and more.


Payroll delivered on time, every time

Your paychecks are delivered on security enhanced check stock, plus you can offer your employees the convenience and security of direct deposit. We even track garnishments and provide a ready-made check for the appropriate agency along with your payroll.

24/7 online access

We make it easy for you to input, review, manipulate, and analyze your payroll data. Download reports right from the web or grant direct online access to your accountant. It's easy to get the information you need.  Allow employees to login and view their past payroll information.

Flexibility is key

Our robust software means Payroll City adapt to your business, giving you full control. Here are just some of the features provided:

  • Unlimited earnings, deductions, & accruals
  • Smart software reduces data entry time and mistakes
  • Flexible period dates and custom tax configuration
  • Intuitive tracking, capping, suppressing, & computing
  • Integrated scheduler for refined control
  • Advanced formula writer allows user customization
  • Integration with timekeeping, HR, and accounting systems

        For Merchants: Payroll City’s POS Integration

        Easily transfer wage & hour information from point-of-sale to payroll

        Payroll City collects all of the necessary payroll information directly from your point-of-sale database securely and electronically. Take advantage of existing functionality already built in your point-of-sale solution - without added capital expense!  You retain full control of your payroll and submit your entire payroll in a matter of seconds.

        • Accurately submit your payroll electronically in moments
        • No need for expensive upgrades or complex mapping
        • Easily add features that may not be provided by in the POS
        • Scale with your business as it.grows
        • Eliminate duplication and “fat-finger” errors

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