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Platinum Relations for Jewelers by Jewelers 

There are billions of dollars spent every year in jewelry sales, and less than 5% of these transactions are properly documented to help ensure jewelry stores are not open to huge losses.

    Most stores only ever talk about the “Rate” they are getting and how much they are being charged. But there is more you need to know. We know that as a store owner you may have even asked yourself or peers about this a time or two. When what should be asked is “who can help?” not only with great rates of course but help you understand where you are open to losses. What you need is a company that will be very competitive plus give you the tools and guidance to protect your store and livelihood. The losses from one failed credit card transaction could cost you more than then you ever imagined. Not only in the immediate loss of a sale. But the time it takes to get your jewelry back.

  Platinum relations for jewelers by jewelers offers the complete package.


What we offer.



  • Competitive pricing
  • No monthly minimum fees
  • No early cancellation fees
  • No annual fees
  • With the exception of gateways, we don’t charge a set-up fee
  • Free equipment
  • POS integration
  • our prices are extremely competitive. 




 Return Policy Review

·       Item Descriptions and how to properly use them.

·       review store policies pertaining to credit card acceptance and make suggestions that protect you

·       *Review proper steps and procedures when accepting customer signatures. The effective use of getting customer initials.

·       Offer free training for store meetings.





·       Earn free nights at your favorite Jewelry Show.

·       *Free jewelry specific marketing to bring feet through the door. (Banners-flyers-mailers and more and if you love it we can set you up to order more)

·        “Platinum Dollars” Referral rewards.

·       Earn a paid a portion of your Jewelry Software yearly Fees?

·       *Lay-away enhancement. Cut Down on those pesky non-paying layaway's. (Easily set up automatic reoccurring credit card charges for a set amount of time)

·       *personal representative (myself - available anytime)

·       *Online access to process credit cards when away from the physical store.




*More about our services.

Regardless of what your return policy is you may be vulnerable. Unless your store policy matches a specific set of rules set by credit card companies, any customer who pays with a credit card has up to 6 months to decide if they are “happy”. If not, they can request through the credit card company a refund. These are mostly known as a charge-back. Regardless of who is in possession of the merchandise you lose.

Why has your credit card processor never told you about this before? Most likely they have an idea of how it works. But they do not know the specifics needs of our industry. More often the salesmen are out to just get businesses signed up as fast as they can so they promise everything under the sun and make it sound amazing then 3 months later they find out they can’t survive so they move on then in comes another salesman. Even those who have been accepted and promoted by the industry lack immensely in these areas. If you have ever had a customer dispute a charge this will make sense more than ever. Where were they when you needed them?

We are here for Jewelers. We know that a good credit card processor should be an advocate for your store and your growth. As many have learned credit card companies protect the consumer not the Merchant. We can offer simple solutions that can reduce your risk of these losses.


Please call us and let us help you ensure that your store is doing everything to protect you and your money.



Brian Lewis
Platinum Relations
For Jewelers by Jewelers
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