The food service industry is highly competitive.  The success or failure of any of your transactions can hinge on the quality of your customer experience.  A large part of that is in the timing.

At the front of the house, accepting electronic payments speeds up every transaction and frees you and your staff to concentrate on your service and food.  For your business clientele, card presentation is a must.  We’ll do everything possible to squeeze the most of every transaction to your bottom line.

Do you need processing tableside?  We can facilitate that.  Need a Loyalty program to differentiate you from your competitors?  Yes we can.

For your back of the house, integrating the information gathered from your electronic transactions makes accounting and reporting easier and more efficient.  We can integrate your payroll processing so that as long as your employee hours are correct in your POS, payroll processing is just a few clicks of the mouse.  Even if you do not use a POS software system, we can provide an easy, foolproof way to track and process your payroll.  Think fewer hours and minimal stress.

Your Platinum Relations Consultant is available to sit with you and sort through the myriad options available to you.  Whenever we help make your life easier and your operation more profitable, we will.

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