Check Conversion and Guarantee

As a business owner, you are likely presented with checks for payment from customers with whom you don’t have an existing relationship.

You may also be seeking to streamline your check payment processing, or, are looking for secure ways to accept checks through your website.

Platinum Relations offers solutions which include:

  • Point of Sale Check Conversion
  • Check Guarantee
  • ACH Debit
  • Check 21
  • Checks By Phone
  • Checks By Web

The two most utilized programs are Conversion and Guarantee.

Through Check Conversion, the maker of the check, and their checking account, are compared against a database of those with known payment issues.

If you choose Check Guarantee, you will enjoy a robust safety net.  Should a check processed through a Check Guarantee program be returned for insufficient funds, or for other non-pay reasons, the program provider will actually credit those funds back to you, the merchant, and take over the responsibility for collecting payment from the maker.

Whatever your needs or questions about Check/ACH processing, we are here to help you and to design the best, most elegant solution for moving you forward.

If you have questions and you are a current Platinum Relations Client, please reach out to your Platinum Relations Consultant.

Contact Us if you would like more information and detail, or, to set up your Check/ACH processing system.