Income Streams

As a leader in a charitable organization, you would be remiss if you were not actively seeking innovative new ways to generate funding.

Platinum Relations has developed systems for working with business owners either in or outside of your current circle of donors to channel a portion of their processing fees directly to your organization.  The business owners do not write a check, and there is no decrease to their bottom line.   Simply by changing vendors and selecting Platinum Relations as their agent and advocate, they create a sustainable, long-term monthly income stream for you.  We make the process easy and represent you well.

In these days of tighter funding, many sources require proof of stable significant income in order to grant you the funding you seek.  We are a competent resource in developing new funding sources.  Our programs can help you to qualify for new match or grant funds which were previously unavailable.

We will work collaboratively with you to present giving options to your current and prospective donors.

We can create revenue streams for you through:

Merchant services accounts (credit and debit card processing)

Gift & loyalty card programs

Payroll services

Merchants become willing benefactors, your organization is the beneficiary, and, the giving is sustainable.

Explore the sustainable giving possibilities.  Contact Us!