Platinum Relations puts it's faith in our relationships with our clients.  We very much enjoy and appreciate their trust and confidence in return.

“I am so glad to recommend Platinum Relations for merchant services (Visa/MC/Amex). It is so great to be able to call and have a real person help. We have expanded from one store to three stores in the past year, and Platinum helped make the set-up to accept credit cards so easy. We are so fortunate to have avoided the "big bank" trap (just a number, put on hold, etc..), and instead work with someone local, personable, and reliable, who knows us by name and knows our business needs!”

- L. Williams

“It is - without a doubt - a privilege to work with someone who provides as much dedication, professionalism, and knowledge as my Platinum Relations consultant has shown in the time we have been working together. He has the ability to foster growth in both the organization, and the individuals he works with. He also possesses the dynamic ability to relate to people, get excellent business results, and build strong, lasting relationships. It is a pleasure to work with Platinum Relations.”

- S. Duggal

“Platinum Relations is great, providing customer service that goes beyond your expectations. When you call and leave a message you know they will get back to you, and it is no surprise that by the time my consultant calls back he is already working out the details of what you called about. I've worked with Platinum, have recommended them to others, and would recommend them again to anyone who asks.”

- K. Magee

“Platinum Relations provides credit card services to businesses of all sizes. Their staff provides service to their clients like they were the only business in town. They are hands-on, proactive and even hint that they might have to "jump through hoops" to get something done. They always exceed my expectations. They is professional, personable, and always looking ahead-- great planners. As a small business owner, you too can benefit from the excellence of this service provider. Five Gold Stars for Platinum Relations!”

- S. Wolff

“Platinum Relations was very helpful getting me set up so I could take credit card payments in my business. Whenever I had a question, they were right there to answer. They also strived to get me the lowest interest rate possible. I recommend anyone who is either thinking about changing from their current credit card payment company or beginning a service to accept credit card payments to call Platinum!”

- J. O’Brien

“I have had the pleasure of working with Platinum Relations for my credit card processing. Their rates are very competitive and the company is easy to work with. Their statements are simple to navigate and understand. However, the best part of working with this company is Consultant. I am a small business owner with a small staff yet he treats us like we are his most important customer. He is always a quick phone call away and he has helped me with small to large issues quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend Platinum Relations for your credit card services.”

- T. Guthals

“My consultant at Platinum Relations does everything he can to help us understand our card processing. He is always available for us, and is one of the most effective networkers in the Springs. Thanks!”

- L. Degen

“Platinum Relations helped me work through the changes in our credit card processing merchant services. My Consultant is a hands-on and make-it work for you type of person...not some nameless telephone techie. Very personal service!”

- T. Moore

“Platinum Relations are true professionals and experts. They are armed with a calming demeanor and ready to lend a hand in any way. My Consultant’s extensive experience and his knowledge of the merchant services processes and personnel, instantly made him a very valuable resource.”

- M. Pilon

“Platinum Relations is a great connection for any business that has any type of payment processing need. If you want a company that truly understands the industry and its vast complexities, then Platinum is it. The programs and offerings that this company delivers are guaranteed to be exactly what your business needs. They great to work with and I know from experience that they will not disappoint!”

- Z. Ebrams

“Platinum Relations has great attention to detail, which is a keen asset when dealing with finances. The staff has always been honest and forthcoming with excellent advice.”

- K. McKinney



Platinum Relations' President, Nelson Roseland, has been active in the business and networking communities for many years.  He has earned the respect not only of his clients, but, that of his colleagues in business and volunteer service.

“I have known Nelson for many years. Nelson’s expertise resides in his absolute ability to find the best deals for his merchant service clients. Honesty, integrity, detailed oriented, relationships, business connections, professionalism, follow through, perseverance, knowledgeable, ability to exchange leads, mentoring, and teacher best describe Nelson’s other attributes.  Nelson knows his industry and pertaining laws thoroughly.  He is a resource.  Years ago, Nelson took me under his wing and taught me the correct networking methodologies. I have attempted to follow his lead. Entrepreneurs from many different disciplines have approached me for coaching, which I have happily fulfilled. I always point my neophytes towards my master, Nelson who is happy to spend the time to expand their skills, introduce them to other networking masters increasing the neophyte’s sphere of influence. Thank you for all you have given to me and others in our community.”

- D. Wilson

“Nelson has always been good natured, easy to work with, dependable and a connector within the community. Nelson is an individual who always brightens the room when he enters and I highly recommend him.”

- J. Hoiberg

“Nelson Roseland is a professional in every way: he is a sincere networker who offers connections which are mutually beneficial. Consequently he is a valuable resource. He follows through on promises and can be depended on to seek out the best solution for his clients. He believes in developing relationships and makes the extra effort to do that. It is a pleasure and an honor to be counted among his colleagues because he is truly honorable.”

- J. Marletto

“Nelson provides the highest standard of service. He knows his product, knows his customers and knows how to cut through the rhetoric and get answers but, more important, he gets solutions. And his prices are great, too!”

- D. Wick

“Nelson is very knowledgeable and will do whatever is necessary to obtain the best results. If you aren't working with him, you are missing an incredible opportunity.”

- B. Walters

“What I like so much about working with Nelson is he is a true professional and expert at his trade, while also being very personable and enjoyable to work with.”

- D. Hoffman

“Nelson has more experience in his field than any vendor that I have worked with. He is extremely professional and always follows through on what he says he is going to do. That is extremely refreshing in today’s environment.”

- R. Jorgensen

“It is a true blessing that my company was introduced and has gotten the opportunity to work with Nelson. From day one, Nelson dedicated himself to achieving results for my company. He brings integrity, passion and energy to every task asked of him. Nelson's skill set and determination to assist my company become successful was priceless. Nelson is a business professional that you can 100% depend on and trust that the job will get done correctly. Outstanding individual!!!”

- B. Matthews

“I have known Nelson personally and professionally for a number of years. What stands out to me is his unmatched and unending quest to give his clients the best in customer service. He is just wired that way. It makes working with him a pleasure and it will help make your business run like a Swiss watch.”

- G. Varner

“When I think of Nelson two words come to my mind. Honesty and Integrity. I have had the pleasure of working with him for almost 3 years now and it has been the best business relationship I have ever had.  I always recommend his services to prospective merchants, friends and family.  If you are thinking of working with him, I highly recommend it and you can expect a wonderful experience.”

- P. Grove