Charitable Funding

Connecting merchants and charitable organizations is Platinum Relations’ way of bringing two vital groups of servant leaders together to make significant impacts in our communities. We facilitate philanthropic programs which allocate a portion of merchant fees which were previously directed to large investor groups, for profit, rather than to support our communities.

For Merchants

Platinum Relations exists to raise the revenue tide of business globally. We facilitate acceptance of credit and debit cards for payments for goods and services on behalf our clients. In addition, we bring a wealth of knowledge and a cadre of trusted providers to the table.

We are an independent agency. We maintain relationships with leading processors, providers, and platforms so that we have the tools in our arsenal to properly address your needs.


Platinum Relations is committed to strengthening the fabric of our communities and raising the revenue tide of business globally. Our core competency is in the Merchant Services arena. Our heart is in the community. Are you willing to devote your work to making a difference?